How to Start Internet Marketing

How to Start Internet Marketing

How does one get started on google?

How does one get started on google? I am assuming that you are talking about making money with Google and their program called Adsense. This program allows you to place Google ads on your website and when a visitor clicks on that ad, Google sends you money.

If you and I are on the same page, there are 3 ways to get started on Google:

    1.) Buy a website that is already getting a lot of traffic (of which you will pay thousands of dollars for) and place Google ads on it. Or,
    2.) Buy clicks from the many venders including Google and send the traffic to your website. This is called arbitrage and seldom pays off. Or,
    3.) Construct a niche website, that focuses on the target keyword, has the keyword phrase in the url, get great organic positioning with Google and you will have a winner that pays every day. This is a time consuming issue or you have happened to be ahead of the curve and secured a keyword targeted url, have tons of virgin text on it and Google places you #1 under the keyword search and on page one.

There are no short cuts. If you are selling a product on your website and you place Google ads on your site that is aligned with your custom keywords for your product, then the Google ads that show up will have all your competitors listed. You can make a few cents from the Google ad and never see the prospective customer again or leave the ads off your selling page retaining an edge to sell the visitor your product. Google Adsense doesn’t always make sense for every website.

Many webmasters have made “directories” for every imaginable topic and some have made very good money with these website directories. However, Google has begun to penalize directories for having no content. Most directory content has been “scraped”, (copy and pasted) from the website that the directory lists.

GOOGLE WANTS TEXT! Not any text will do, it must be virgin text, (originally written text never posted on the www), that is keyword rich, (2.5 to 4% populated with pertinent topic keywords), posted to a website with regularity. This shows Google that the site is not abandoned, but is maintained and current. Google will always reward a website that follows this prescription.

Google designed its search engine for information websites, not directories or marketing websites. However Google will reward a marketing site if there are numerous pages of virgin text on your site. Build it and they will come!

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