How to Start Internet Marketing

How to Start Internet Marketing

How do I find products to sell on the internet?

How do I find products to sell on the internet? This question of “We need to know how you find products to sell” is the most frequently asked online business question of all! And here are the most untrue given retorts, “The easiest question to answer is what to sell”. “You don’t need a product, just get started!” “Build it and the product will come.” All of these phrases are full of exuberance but have no place in a plan that is built to succeed. Rarely is a successful business built without planning and without a product. E-commerce hucksters that have their own e-ware to sell you use when using the “exuberance phrases” above to promote their “flash in the pan”, “get rich quick” schemes that will consume your time and money, leaving you depressed, bitter and unsuccessful not to mention poorer.

My first product sold online was antique dishes that I bought on E-bay and resold on E-bay. Over the years I had bought antique books on dishes that I was interested in collecting and had become knowledgeable on the subject. I bought dishes all year long but I bought most of the dishes in the summer the day after school ended until the day school started. A lot of e-bay lookers would be busy, traveling, or distracted from the computer. Buy knowing my product I was able to buy at a lower than usual price and sell for more profit after school began again in the fall. E-bay is a great place to find out what the market will bear when you want to sell an item. A word of caution, if you do not know your product WELL, you will not be able to buy on e-bay and then resell on e-bay and make a profit! However, this approach can be used to make money immediately!

How do I find products to sell on the internet, first I never quit looking. If I am traveling, if I attend a party, or public function I am ALWAYS searching for a product to sell online. I attend trade shows for: gifts, electronics, weddings, gourmet foods, games, and toys just for ideas for products to sell. In almost every safari you will find a “treasure” that has been overlooked by the mainstream and can work well for a product on your website. If you can buy it at Wal-Mart don’t consider it for your product!

I attend county fairs, arts & crafts shows and auctions to look for products, ideas and trends of product sales.

Liquidators will occasionally have items that you can buy for resale but are candidates for E-bay as when that particular source runs out, you no longer can supply the same product and if you found it elsewhere you could not offer it for the same price.

I continually ask myself the question, how do I find products to sell on the internet, or how do I find more products to sell on the internet?

    1.) Make a list of all your possible products that you have found, do not cull any.
    a.) Determine your cost and the price the market will bear.
    b.) Find more than one source for the product if possible.
    c.) Determine how much need there is for the product in relationship to how much money you can make from each sale.

  • Example #1: product sells for $1.00 your profit is $0.50 and there are 25 searches a day on the entire internet for your “new” product. This would not be a good product to leave on your list.
  • Example #2: this item sells for $300.00 your profit is $150.00 and there are 25 people that search the internet a day for your widget/product. This product in this example would remain on your products prospect list.
  • Example #3: you have found a product that you can sell for $40.00, your profit is $20.00 and 1600 individuals a day are looking for it. This is an excellent nominee for an internet online product!
  • 2.) Find a niche that has a need and supply a product within that niche.

  • a. A niche can be a service, a physical product, or an e-product (e-books, cds etc).
  • There is more demand for physical products online than there ever will be for e-products. Either one is acceptable; choose one type of product to get started.
    3.) You need a product that you can buy to resale for at least 45% profit. Or you may want to manufacture the product or do the proposed product/service yourself.

Today we have entered the ABC’s of How do I find products to sell on the internet, the xyz’s are included in the complete book of The ABC’ and xyz of How to Start Internet Marketing.

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