How to Start Internet Marketing

How to Start Internet Marketing

Free Traffic Email List

Free Traffic Email List is worth thousands of dollars to you. The reason is, that each email represents a qualified prospect for your product. You have collected the email, qualified the prospect, and have the ability to contact the customer regularly.

What is a list? Do I need a list? How do I make a list?

What is a list? An opt-in email list is a collection of emails from people that visited your website and chose to give you their email address in exchange for goods or services such as a newsletter, free software, blog updates, or a promise of future delivery of a product or service such as an e-book or mentoring.

Do I need a list? Every website should have an opt-in email list application that will allow for future free traffic. Traffic is the heart of a website. No traffic equals a broke owner. Free traffic is very valuable but takes effort to create. If you pay for instant pay per click traffic, your profit margins are less in order to pay for the traffic coming to your website. Free traffic from your email list will always outperform pay per clicks or purchased email list. Your website’s future success depends on your ability to convince visitors to your website to sign up (by giving a name and email address) on your opt-in form. If you think you can wait to put on your list capturing form, you are losing money every minute that you wait!

Free traffic that is generated by you the web owner is more dependable than pay per clicks and targets your exact market. Free traffic from your opt-in email list will pay great dividends for years to come.

How do I make a list? Opt-in Email Marketing is the marketing campaign of the hour. Up to ½ of your monthly income can come from your Opt-in Email Marketing campaign.

    • Place your email collection form in a convenient place.
    • Capture first name and email address only.
    • Be sure and give substance and value for the time of sign up.
    • Use a hover form, not a pop up as pop ups are seldom seen with pop-up filters so prevalent today.
    • Have the hover form appear after the visitor has been on your site for 60 seconds. Make sure it does not appear again to the IP address for 6 months.

Your list is captured and stored in a databank on your website or with a databank service. ( like From the databank you will be able to mail to the list of emails, special offerings, sales, announcements, news and tips. Make sure that every email contact is not a money transaction. Give good content between offers, for FREE! Start your list gathering efforts today, don’t wait, your list will one day be more valuable than Google page rank. Free traffic email list is a progressive action, always try to improve. Strive to get 10% sign up. If you are getting less than 10% of your visitors signing up, CHANGE the EMAIL LIST FORM! TEST your efforts to gather emails. Look at your web stats to determine what your daily visitor count is. Web stats are available in CPanel of your linux or windows server. The best web traffic stats I have found are AWSTATS. This is a most valuable tool to create free traffic email list!

How to start Internet Marketing
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