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Server, Designated or Shared?

Monday, May 19th, 2008

“Server, do I need one?” “What is a server?” A server is a computer that has a hard drive exactly like your home computer. The server’s sole purpose is to store your website so it can be accessed on the internet. If you have a small website and very few visitors you can get a server to “host” your website for a few dollars a month, ($5-$15). If you have a FREE host, DO NOT PLAN TO RUN A BUSINESS on that server.

If you are planning on some serious internet marketing then get your own dedicated server. A host server can have 100 other websites on the same hard drive as your business, with 100 novices trying to tweak their site for better results, AND MANY TIMES THEIR ACTIONS CRASH THE SERVER!!! While the server manager is trying to find the problem by brail, (because the culprit that caused the problem will never volunteer his or her mistakes) YOUR SITE WILL BE DOWN and visitors coming to your website will get a very unprofessional error that says “Internet Marketing Guru is too cheap to pay for professional tools!” Not really, but when your website is down your business is not seen, you are losing money and you have no control on when your website will be back up!

Ok, so now it is time to contact the server manager. You will be overjoyed when you discover this phantom person can only be reached by email. Phone is just a recording. Yes it is true this person is away on business in Switzerland… my server is in Houston… the manager won’t be back for 3 days…7 hours later and the fourth email proclaims that he has got someone local that is going to drop by and reboot the server… oops, I know you have been paying for a backup hard drive on your server but the server and the backup drive have been erased accidently… my true story!

When I first started out I paid $45 a month to a host server with 83 other websites on the same server. Next I shared a server with two other website owners for $95 a month. Now I pay $350 a month for 2 servers that I share with no one!

  • Who has the best deal on servers?
  • Can I start with a shared server to save money?
  • Do I need a windows server or plesk server?
  • I’m not a server expert, if my website goes down, who do I call?
  • How do I put my website on the server?
  • How do I add to my website or make changes?
  • How do I back up my server?

All of your server solutions and more when you order Servers, Deignated or Shared? for FREE!

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