How to Start Internet Marketing

How to Start Internet Marketing

At 13 years old, can I start an online business?

Online business is the ideal job for a 13 year old, 65 year old or 28 year old. If you are 13 years old and need an idea to make money, you have found the solution. The key to online business is to market your website like a corporate business. The internet market does not see your age! Your customer only sees what you present on your website. Here are your tips to starting an online business at age 13. (Can you imagine as a 13 year old, making $100 a month for FUN and putting an additional $400 a month away for your college fund… $25,000 for a college of choice! The surprise is: If you can make $500 this month, I can show you how to double that amount in just a few months!)

    Find a niche market. Supply a product that satisfies a need.
    • Do your market research; decide what you can sell to whom. You can get an idea of what to sell by polling kids your age on “what are they buying with their money?” You may not want to market to your age group, (ALTHOUGH VERY LITTLE MARKETING IS AIMED AT 13 YEAR OLDS ONLINE, this is your cue that this is a niche market, ideal for exploiting in your online business!)
    You may choose an item that is not real expensive to sell (or to buy).

    Choose a domain name that most describes your product (see my tips on choosing a domain name before you decide to buy). Buy the domain name from
    • Host your online business website from a free hosting service, I usually do not recommend a free host for an online business, but in your case you need to earn money before you have to pay out money. When you start earning money YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE TO A HOST that you will have to pay (maybe $5 a month).
    • Design your website! Start with WordPress Blog, this will allow you to build an online business website with no experience! Pictures sell! Poor pictures cause customers to run from your site, remember this when you are tempted to post a cell phone image! You need a header image, and a couple of side bar images to start. These images must be relevant to your product! Get some tips from a photographer.
    • Write the text for your website. (An English teacher could proof your text for grammar, punctuation and spelling, only, as he or she is not an expert at online business!) NEVER SAY WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE! Always remember your text is going to tell a simple story to the reader in which the story answers ONE QUESTION to the reader: “What’s in it for me?” You do not say in your text, “Here is what’s in it for you…”. A better story would be, “this gizmo twirls allowing you to wow your friends into doing your homework!” Include a money back guarantee.
    Include a list builder on your site that the visitor can opt-in with their email address (see my list building tips). Your online business can appeal to any age group as well as 13 year olds.
    • You are now ready to ask the customer to buy your product. PayPal is the best solution for you in this case, however you are going to need help as it involves having a credit card. Wait before you jump to conclusions because you don’t have a card of your own.
    • Once you have your website proofed for grammar, pictures posted, product chosen, market research DOCUMENTED, you are ready to show the world that you have put together a professional website that targets a need by niche people, and that you have found a product that will solve their needs, and your website doesn’t disclose how old you really are, then you are ready to show this to mom and dad, or your grandparents, or aunts and uncles or some adult you trust that is willing to assist you with the PayPal account. DO NOT SHOW THIS TO EVERYONE LISTED ABOVE! Only show your site to each one separately until one of them agrees that they will help you. You will have demonstrated responsibility, ability to follow instructions and desire to succeed by getting to the point of asking for help. Your parents should be impressed. Here is how much they should be impressed. More than 99.9 % of ALL 13 YEAR OLDS will NEVER think outside the box as you have to create your own income at this age! I’m very impressed that you have left your games and friends to enter into the biggest game ever, MAKING REAL MONEY! Have the cardholder sign up for a Papal account. You may then incorporate a “Buy it Now” button on your website and start taking orders. You will get an email from Paypal saying who bought, their address and how much they paid. You now send the product (I suggest the post office with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION)!
    • You now need to get traffic to your website. Tell your friends you found a cool website, NOT YOUR WEBSITE, (as they will get jealous and not buy knowing you will make money off them) and start listing your website with social bookmarks, the more the better as long as you include KaBoodle, ThisNext, Digg and Stumble Upon (research the top 10).
    Write a new post on your website EVERY 3 DAYS, if you miss a post, make it up, research your product, write about it in your own words, let your site be the expert on the “gizmo”!
    • Always deliver an ordered product FAST, always refund a return (using Paypal), talk to an accountant for financial tips and book keeping (if you know this person in advance, they will be impressed with your tenacity!)

This is online business, you will need to work at succeeding. This is no autopilot business where you set it up and forget about it. This business can grow to thousands of dollars a month and has for at least two other 13 year olds, you can be the next 13 year old online business magnet!

Look like you know what you are doing on your online business website, BECAUSE YOU DO! Just because you are 13 years old don’t believe the lie that adults claim to be truth, “I can’t do online business…”, follow the instructions diligently, refer to all tips mentions and continue to educate your self on how to start internet marketing and online business start up. Remember to use the help that I have reccomended, English teacher, photographer, accountant and Mom and Dad, should you need more help, email me!

Remember this for the rest of time:
“Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people don’t or won’t do!”

How to start Internet Marketing
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