How to Start Internet Marketing

How to Start Internet Marketing

How to start Internet marketing

Saturday, May 10th, 2008 6:18pm

How To start Internet Marketing is probably one of the most sought after solutions on the World Wide Web. There has been a tremendous surge of buyers purchasing all manner of products without leaving their home or ever entering the mall. In 1995 the Internet business was an infant in the crib, commerce involved having the customer call on a telephone to give an order for a product displayed on a web page. The internet business progressed to slowly allow secure credit card transactions. Today billions of dollars trade hands easily from home based businesses with customers at work, at home or while the customer travels. The convenience of online shopping is taking marketing strategy by a mega storm.

The online shopping has allowed the customer to search and find a product of interest, then compare that product to similar products and prices without leaving the computer (home). This convenience has thousands wondering How to start Internet Marketing. The “window” of opportunity is wide open. Never has there been a universal HUGE market for whatever you are selling as there is today. Never has the prospects for your sales been so easy to contact, therefore enabling a sale.

By 1997 my company had grown to $100,000.00 a month selling and shipping a specialty computer product. One of my first online customers was the White House… $125,000.00 sale. My second online business was E-bay sales totaling $120,000+ in sales the first year. My first Google Adsense Account earned a maximum of $1500.00 in one month. Since December 1, 2004 I have averaged $580 every month. Google has paid my truck payment for 4 years! My next internet business was a nutrition company that still sells $75,000 a year in physical products. NOT ONE of these E-BUSSINESSes were e-cyberware (e-books, e-courses, cds etc.) these are all companies that sell a product and SHIP a product.

NOTICE! I did not say I earned $18,000 in 3 days, or $500,000 in a hype affiliate campaign. I worked in a California company and did not know how to turn a computer on. I soon learned that Internet Marketing was the next frontier of buying and selling. I resigned, moved to Arizona and went into Internet Marketing with no guru, no instructions or guides, no seminars available, with the idea that I could apply business practice and salesmanship to a webpage and sell products. Now where would you start? I failed miserably several times with ideas and practices. I have learned that there are basics that have to be learned, applied and followed if you want to build an internet business that makes $500 a month or $10,000 a month. Once you have negotiated the basics you can apply these same principals to build as large a business as you desire. These basics are the foundation of Internet Marketing. My cost to learn these basics:

    • 12 years and still fine tuning,
    • $73,000 actual cash out of pocket,
    • Loss of sales because I was still learning the basics; a minimum of $25,000 a year ($225,000.00)!

This website is the results of hundreds of requests from friends, relatives, business associates and friends of all the above who have inundated me with the question, “will you tell me how to start internet marketing?”

    “How long does it take to get my first internet marketing check?”
    • “How much can I make a month?” “How do I get Paid?”
    • “We want to work at home too! Show us how you did it?”
    • “We have an idea that we want to sell online, will it work?”
    “We need to know how you find products to sell?”
    • “How do you collect the money?”
    • “How do you get a website?”
    “What is a server and do I need one?”
    • “Do I need a Mac or PC to do Internet Marketing?”
    • “How do you do your accounting? Do you have to collect taxes?”
    • “Who do I sell to?”
    • “I want to sell on e-bay, what do I need?”
    “I have a website, can I use it to sell on?”
    • “I want Google to make my house payment, What do I do to make it happen?”
    • “I’ve never sold anything before, can I do this?”
    • “I want to sell an e-book, how do I get started?”
    • “I have an email address, that’s all, how do I get everything needed for an online business?”
    “How does one get started on google?”
    • “I have a website, and a product on it, I don’t get any orders, what am I doing wrong?”
    • “Do I have to have a toll free number for my online business?”
    • “Can I sell other people’s products and have them drop ship to my customers for me?”
    • “How much money do I need to start an internet business?”
    • “Is there a step by step, “A” to “Z” plan to do an online business?”
    • “Who can I get to help me set up the “basics” for my internet business?”
    • “What is an affiliate?” “Can I do a business with just affiliate products?”
    • “I work at a real job, I want an online business but I don’t have any savings, is there any way for me to start a business for extra income?”
    • “Blog or website?”
    • “What is a list? Do I need a list? How do I make a list?”
    “I’m 13 years old, too young to get a job, can I start an online business?”
    • “I have two children under 5 years of age, I am a stay at home Mom with not a lot of surplus time, is there some way I could start internet marketing?”
    • “I’m a writer, can I start an online business with my expertise?”
    • “OK, so I’ll do the basics, how long before I can expect my first sale?”
    • “What is a merchant account? Do I need one?”
    “How do I charge for shipping, won’t they expect free shipping?”

45 years ago when I was younger (12) and full of wonderment, on a moonless night, fishing our favorite fishing hole, I asked my Dad, “Dad, who am I and what is my purpose in life?” Without hesitating, he said, “Your name is Brad Brand and you are here to mow the lawn!” Well … my senior year in high school I started a lawn service in my home town of Naples, Florida and made more money after school, mowing lawns, than my Dad did in his construction business for the entire year! Mom said, “Son If I could just open your head and insert a tape so you could know all your parents mistakes so you wouldn’t have to waste that part of your life making the same mistakes as we did, then you could advance quicker and concentrate on achievements!” Take it from a guy who has been there, done that… don’t go there and stumble around for as long as I did before dashing for the bank! …Here’s your “tape”!
The ABC’s and XYZ of Internet Marketing

Nomenclature… The Internet Marketing business has a vernacular all its own, so to make it easy we will add a list of words, a glossary, with definitions to keep you from drowning in the “language”.

Send us your starting an online business question. I will respond, personally.

How to start Internet Marketing
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Server, Designated or Shared?

Monday, May 19th, 2008 4:33pm

“Server, do I need one?” “What is a server?” A server is a computer that has a hard drive exactly like your home computer. The server’s sole purpose is to store your website so it can be accessed on the internet. If you have a small website and very few visitors you can get a server to “host” your website for a few dollars a month, ($5-$15). If you have a FREE host, DO NOT PLAN TO RUN A BUSINESS on that server.

If you are planning on some serious internet marketing then get your own dedicated server. A host server can have 100 other websites on the same hard drive as your business, with 100 novices trying to tweak their site for better results, AND MANY TIMES THEIR ACTIONS CRASH THE SERVER!!! While the server manager is trying to find the problem by brail, (because the culprit that caused the problem will never volunteer his or her mistakes) YOUR SITE WILL BE DOWN and visitors coming to your website will get a very unprofessional error that says “Internet Marketing Guru is too cheap to pay for professional tools!” Not really, but when your website is down your business is not seen, you are losing money and you have no control on when your website will be back up!

Ok, so now it is time to contact the server manager. You will be overjoyed when you discover this phantom person can only be reached by email. Phone is just a recording. Yes it is true this person is away on business in Switzerland… my server is in Houston… the manager won’t be back for 3 days…7 hours later and the fourth email proclaims that he has got someone local that is going to drop by and reboot the server… oops, I know you have been paying for a backup hard drive on your server but the server and the backup drive have been erased accidently… my true story!

When I first started out I paid $45 a month to a host server with 83 other websites on the same server. Next I shared a server with two other website owners for $95 a month. Now I pay $350 a month for 2 servers that I share with no one!

  • Who has the best deal on servers?
  • Can I start with a shared server to save money?
  • Do I need a windows server or plesk server?
  • I’m not a server expert, if my website goes down, who do I call?
  • How do I put my website on the server?
  • How do I add to my website or make changes?
  • How do I back up my server?

All of your server solutions and more when you order Servers, Deignated or Shared? for FREE!

How to start Internet Marketing
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Internet Marketing Glossary

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 3:58pm

Internet Marketing Glossary
Affiliate Program
Auto responder
Black Hat
Chat room
Constant Contact
Digital Products
Doorway page
Google Adsense
Internet Marketing
Landing Page
Merchant Account
Merchant Gateway
Meta Tags
Niche Market
Online Business
Organic Search Engine
Page Views
Pay Per Click
Search Engine
Search Engine Optimization
Server Technician
Shopping Cart
Squeeze Page
Web Master

VPN virtual private network


Internet marketing glossary,online business definitions

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Tech is absolutely triumphant in our world. Today, seven of the top 10 companies by market cap are technology companies. Two of these have become the first ...

As Ebay (EBAY) Share Value Declined, Shareholder Alliancebernstein LP Has Lowered Holding by $43.12 Million; US Global Investors Has Raised Franco Nevada (FNV) Stake by $1.31 Million  Lives Advice

Alliancebernstein Lp decreased its stake in Ebay Inc (EBAY) by 16.53% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC. Alliancebernstein Lp sold U S ...

eBay is suing Amazon over allegedly poaching its third-party sellers  The Verge

After accusing Amazon of conducting a campaign to poach its third-party sellers, eBay has filed a lawsuit in California to ban the competitor from misusing its ...

Today is Small Business Saturday - eBay Makes Pitch It's Every Day on Its Platform  eSellerCafe

Today, November 24, is Small Business Saturday. American Express created this day in 2010 to highlight the millions of small businesses the day after Black ...

Valuation for eBay Inc. (EBAY) According to BTM is 0.196698  MTL News

eBay Inc. (EBAY) is yielding a market ratio of 0.196698. The book to market ratio is a relative valuation ratio which divides the book value of a company by the ...

eBay's Global Marketplace Focuses On Minority Businesses  Forbes

EBay, the central platform for connecting buyers and sellers, has turned its attention to helping black entrepreneurs expand their businesses. Currently eBay has ...

10 Best eBay Listing Tools for High Volume Sellers  Small Business Trends

If you're a high volume seller on eBay, you know listing your products can be a full-time task. These 10 eBay listing tools will make the job much easier.

Q1 2019 Revenue Estimate for eBay Inc (EBAY) Issued By Jefferies Financial Group  BharataPress

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) – Investment analysts at Jefferies Financial Group issued their Q1 2019 earnings per share (EPS) estimates for shares of eBay in a ...

Hsbc Holdings Plc Has Upped Ebay (Put) (EBAY) Stake by $19.18 Million; Birinyi Associates Has Trimmed Boeing Co/The (BA) Position by $1.06 Million  The FinExaminer

Hsbc Holdings Plc increased its stake in Ebay Inc (Put) (EBAY) by 299.07% based on its latest 2018Q3 regulatory filing with the SEC. Hsbc Holdings Plc bought ...

eBay sues Amazon, accusing it of poaching sellers  CNN

San Francisco (CNN Business) As Amazon continues its rise as the world's largest online marketplace, rival eBay charges that it got there by crossing a legal ...

eBay (EBAY) Price Target Cut to $42.00  Fairfield Current

eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) had its target price cut by analysts at Credit Suisse Group from $52.00 to $42.00 in a research note issued to investors on Monday, ...

eBay, Target, Apple Land On Aspiration's Nice List Of Businesses For The Holidays  Forbes

Holiday shopping is in full swing and for those that want to shop with a conscience have Aspiration's Nice List to consult. It names the top ten businesses doing ...

FedEx logistics to relocate global headquarters to Memphis  Tamebay

FedEx Logistics, a subsidiary of FedEx Corporation said that they would relocate their global headquarters to Memphis, US.

Ebay says that Cyber Monday and Black Friday set sales records for the site  INSIDER

Ebay, the auction-site-turned-online-marketplace, is riding the wave of increased online shopping to great effect.

Amazon and eBay evict sellers amid VAT crackdown  BBC News

Thousands of overseas sellers have been evicted from online marketplaces in the UK such as Amazon and eBay owing to a tax crackdown. Businesses, mostly ...

Square partners with eBay to expand lending for 'underserved' small businesses  CNBC

Fintech company Square is boosting its small-business lending with an eBay partnership. Square Capital, the lending arm of the payment start-up, will be ...

Top 20 Products Your Business can Sell on eBay  Small Business Trends

If you're looking for the best things to sell on eBay, these items are likely to fly off your virtual shelves on right now.

France fines Google $57 million for GDPR breach  Business Insider

France's data regulator has fined Google €50 million ($57 million) for breaching European privacy rules. The regulator, CNIL, said Google didn't properly explain ...

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